Our activities in Ukraine

We carry out product examinations for compliance with the declared quality and safety indicators

Unscheduled on-site inspections of retail chains, sampling of food and non-food products in compliance with legal requirements, preparation of sampling protocols and their transfer to accredited laboratories for verification of compliance with the declared quality indicators and requirements, including certain safety indicators. The UCP publishes the results of the research and informs the state control authorities about the facts of the revealed violations.

We participate in drafting laws and lobbying for consumer interests at the legislative level

Maksym Gonchar, Chairman of the Board of the UCP NGO, was a member of the expert group on the development of the new version of the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Protection”, which was established under the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. Our representatives were members of the Public Council of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

We establish a relationship between the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection (SSFSCP), the Antimonopoly Committee (AMCU) and the UCP NGO

We have developed our own model of trilateral cooperation between the SSFSCP, the AMCU and representatives of NGOs in terms of proving the guilt of business representatives for manufacturing and distributing products that do not meet the declared indicators. Its presentation was held at the invitation of Oleh Ruban, Head of the SSFSCP branch in Kyiv, Oleksiy Khmelnytsky, Head of the Northern Territorial Department of the AMCU, and representatives of NGOs.

We unite consumers into a single force for the implementation of class actions in Ukraine

Class actions are the most effective mechanism for restoring the rights of injured consumers in countries with developed legal systems (the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, etc.). Ukrainian legislation allows initiating an opt out class action (in the interest of the entire class of victims at the same time) to protect consumer rights. UCP is working on the implementation of the first consumer class actions in Ukraine to ensure that the relevant consumer protection tool exists not only on paper.

14 representative offices in most regions of Ukraine

Our international activities

Representative office of the UCP in Brussels

Brussels is the official capital of the European Union, the center of adoption of political, economic and legislative initiatives of the Union, the location of the most powerful organisations of European importance for consumer protection. The UCP is among the first representatives of the Ukrainian community to officially open its own separate division in the capital of the European Union to fulfill its statutory tasks.

Cooperation of the UCP with international consumer protection organisations

The strength of consumers is in their unity. In order to implement the best international practices in the field of consumer protection as soon as possible and with high quality, UCP interacts and establishes cooperation with the institutions of the European Union, public and non-governmental organisations in the field of consumer protection. We gain invaluable experience that will allow us to bring the protection of Ukrainian consumers’ rights to a qualitatively new level.

Participation in international events

The UCP team closely follows all international events dedicated to consumer protection.

Participation in such events is one of the steps towards bringing Ukrainian consumer protection closer to the best international practices

International initiatives

The UCP stands for expanding international cooperation in the field of consumer protection and combating unfair business practices of all enterprises, both at the national and international levels.

UCP in actions and figures

>5 years of successful activity

UAH 68 million - the largest fine paid for product counterfeiting

more than 100 permanent activists in the organisation

more than 100 permanent activists in the organisation

Current projects

Volkswagen dieselgate

In the world: Number of victims: about 11 million cars. Total amount of compensation: more than USD 20 billion

During bench tests of cars, the software turned on the filters, which significantly reduced the level of harmful gas emissions. During normal engine operation, the filters were turned off while the car was moving and the emissions of harmful substances exceeded the permissible standards many times over.


We actively cooperate with business and the public sector on consumer protection